Sakura (School Uniform) - Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den





After finding Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den on youtube, i decied i wanted to make the school uniform.
I thought it would be somthing different from all the other Sakura cosplays i have done and also wanted a new School Girl Uniform since that last one i made was years ago. (Lita)and a simple cosplay to make.

I decided to go with black as there are no offical artwork aviable to show the true colour. (And i like black) and it should be eayier to find/make a black skirt then trying to find blue in the same colour, as the collor

I brought a plane white V-neck T-shirt and worked out the pattern for the sailor collor. and sewn it ontop of the white t-shirt. I have jet to find a skirt or make one wither i make it pleated or not is another thing. :/

7th Nov 2010;
Wore the Collored shirt for the second cosplay meet, with some black jeans as it was too cold to go in the whole uniform.


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