Golden Sun

Cosplayer: SephNoir

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th November 2010: Half way! Got everything cut out as of yesterday. Although it's got a bit of stretch in it I'm still going for princess seams on the top just for a nicer fit. Going to sew it all together today then it's just the details and put the zips in. Managed to get everything bar the purple for the trim so I'll be ordering that from my normal online seller. Waiting for the wig to arrive too but there's not really much to do on that so that's not too urgent.

Having a go at making some proper gloves for the first time, I've always done the draw around the hand method so this time I'm going to experiment with the proper way to do them. It's more work to do compared to the basic way but it should give a much nicer fit on the palm.

10th November 2010: Fabric shopping Managed to get most of the fabric yesterday in town. Got some lovely thick jerseys for the trousers, cape and the dress. Just need to get a nice purple for the trim, a red for the cape lining and a dark blue for the detailing. For the meantime though I can get on with making the base of everything and get most things made up by tomorrow.

Got a beautiful wig for her too! It's a great blue/turquise shade and is really thick too!
Going to start on the cape front too today as I've got some gold left over from Nina.

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 8th November 2010
Her costume is very toasty =3