Kuro - Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro




I was going with this costume thinking it was quite a reserved choice. The comic's not that famous as far as I know, so I wasn't expecting anyone to recognize it. Wrong! Probably the coffin drew a lot of the attention, but I actually met some Kuro fans! Yay!
Thanks to everyone who took photos of me, even if it did make me nervous. I'm so glad there are people out there who have actually read Kuro. ^-^ That warms my heart.

This was my first cosplay. I actually wanted to do this cosplay BEFORE even reading the book. That was how much I wanted to do it. I saw the book at the bookshop, didn't have enough money to buy it, but the image stayed with me.

A few months later, while we were planning for the convention, I began to think that it was stupid to cosplay something that I hadn't actually read. I changed my mind to Petite Cossette for a while, simply because it was the last anime that I watched, and relatively pretty. But I still wanted to do Kuro. So I went and read a scanlation of it, and ended up getting completely obsessed. I think I've read the measly two volumes X[ like a bajillion times now.

Cosplay's all about salving unhealthy obsessions, right? (Well, I think it is). I was really pleased with how this one turned out. I had a great time at the expo, and now that I've paid my homage to Ms. Satoko Kiyuduki, my Kuro-hype has sort of settled down into a general fondness. ^-^


FlyingMammal posted on 8 November, 2010 - 00:04
Ohhhhhhhhh goooooovy :) We can be travellers together hehe. It's not about being 'better' it's about having fun and loving what you do :D Plus, your hat and Coffin are looking rather awesomes!

Ros3ify posted on 18 July, 2012 - 17:30
I absoultely love this cosume Haha secret mushroom on the back of your cse curtesy of will haha :D

Clovejar posted on 18 July, 2012 - 20:08
Heyy charlotte, how did you know what my account name was? =O

Ros3ify posted on 18 July, 2012 - 22:00
Well you already were friend of me and i found you on the list and saw your name ^^

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Progress Journal

30th January 2011


Ah, the photo's not good. My little brother took it and he likes to screw me over.

Lol. I sewed the buttons on the wrong side, but since I'm lazy I'm just going to pretend I meant them to be false buttons all along and that I had planned to safety pin my costume together from the start.

Wow, my hair is so flat.

29th January 2011

Glasses v. 2

I never found those Harry Potter glasses, although I did find an old Griffindor cloak. I wore it to see the seventh movie. =D Anyway I discovered that I could push the lenses out of those glasses I got. After some bending, they now look like this.

The glasses don't have that mysterious sheen to them anymore, but they're more accurate and I can see better now, so I say job well done. =]

12th November 2010

Coffin straps

The coffin is finished! =D It wears pretty well too. Soo light~ I had doubts at first whether the criss-crossy straps drawn in the comic actually worked in real life, but the weight seems to distribute okay.

I'm going to finish this costume way too early. I'm going to have to make sure I don't put on too much weight over Christmas, lol.

7th November 2010


It looks a lot better in the photo than in real-life. >.< You can't see the newspaper peeling off. But I guess that's what you get for skimping on glue and mixing with 90% water.

7th November 2010


I really like the way this hat turned out. Okay, so it crinkles a little when I put it on because of all the parcel tape on the inside, but the shape is okay, and that's what's important.

I made the structure out of card from a cereal box >.< and covered it in superfine felt, then just gathered some spare felt around the base for that creasy effect.

7th November 2010


I picked up these black oval frames for cheap, but now I'm not sure whether they'll do after all, since Kuro-chan's glasses are supposed to be round. Also they're reading glasses so I really can't see very well when I'm wearing them. ^-^

I recall my brother had a pair of Harry Potter glasses from when he went to a Harry Potter birthday party as a little kid. I think they would be perfect. But he has no idea where they are, though they'll probably be hidden deep within the recesses of our garage somewhere. I might have a look around if I have time.