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Enjolras is the leader of Les Amis de l'ABC (The Friends of the ABC), a group of students dedicated to making political changes in France. Enjolras devoutly believes in democratic freedom, which leads him into an argument with the Bonapartist Marius Pontmercy. Enjolras is a firm believer in democracy and equality. He declares "Patria" or "fatherland" as his mistress. This makes him the opposite of the character Grantaire who is cynical and believes in nothing. Despite the differences in their characters, Grantaire looks up to Enjolras and often refers to him as a Greek god.

In the musical, Enjolras remains the leader of the Friends of the ABC and the revolutionary students. After news of General Lamarque's death, he rouses the revolutionaries and declares that now is the time to strike. The students build a barricade in the street. During the first attack, Enjolras is nearly killed by a sniper who is in turn killed by Valjean, saving Enjolras' life. To thank Valjean, Enjolras allows him to the privilege of executing the police spy, Inspector Javert, but Valjean lets the inspector go free, as in the novel. In the end, Enjolras is not executed by soldiers, but is shot at the barricade while waving a red flag as his symbol of revolution. This actually happened to Monsieur Mabeuf in the novel, but this was changed to make the barricade plot easier to follow.

At no point in the libretto of the play is Enjolras' name mentioned (possibly due to difficulty in pronouncing it). On the Complete Symphonic Recording, however, it is shouted at the beginning of the song "Red and Black", though it is slightly mispronounced: the J is pronounced in the English way, instead of the French way, and the S is mistakenly pronounced. In the Paris Revival Cast Recording (1991), his name is also heard at the beginning of "Le Café Des Amis De L'ABC."


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