Erutis - Demon Diary




Was gonna do her a few years ago, but never got round the planning stages. Lets get her listed again - the snarky always-mistaken-for-a-boy knight of coolness.

Short Fire red outwards spike bang cosplay hair wig

Decided I wanted to use linen so lined it with white polycotton...unfortunately didn't really think it through for the bottom lining - think I probably could have got a better effect just with thread rather than going through the hassle of stitching an extra piece on. Used a ice skating leotard pattern to make it of all things.

Only part of the costume I'm 100% happy about. Had to make the pattern myself but with the exception of some iffy bits underneath and it not quite matching up at the neck it looks pretty good. The two buttons are craft foam glued to Jean stud buttons.

Craft foam moulded through heat, backed with leftover linen and decorated with 3D paint before several layers of gold acrylic and rub n buff. Would have liked to polish it but ran out of time.

I was failing completely to find some green belts for Erutis, and I knew I might need some leather for Lamia, so bought some in cream and painted the dog collar and cape belt with a mix of green acrylic and pva glue. I was going to do the same for the middle belt until I discovered some thin green belts in Primark with solved the problem and saved me the effort.

Still to be completed. Couldn't find any suitable so used a pair of brown boots I had on hand.

This was a real find. I love pound shops for kids toys when it comes to props, but completely failed. I decided I didn't need one, until the day I left and I found this. The hilt is actually pretty accurate to what her sword looks like anyway, so all I had to do was paint the blade to make it less shiny.


GoldieNeko posted on 9 February, 2011 - 18:20
HOLY MOTHER OF FUDGE! Erutis is such an AWESOME character! o^.^o Can't wait to see this when it's completed!!!

Progress Journal

19th February 2012

Foiled by fabric miscalculation

Cloack 85% complete - ran out of fabric for the top half so need to pick some up along with tassels and green cord to finish it off. Quite happy with the bottom half considering I had no pattern and its my first real cape.

Tunic all stitched together (with the best zip I've ever done). Just need to stitch a fastener into the collar and stitch on the bottom lining. Would do it tonight but feel sleep deprivation setting in which will only spell trouble.

Experiments for belt colouring resulted in one success, so will be painting leatherette with acrylic paint/PV glue combination.

16th February 2012

Finally On my way

Sewing machine is back so can finally start sewing. Dress/tunic thing is about 60% done, just needing to add the collar, zip and hem the bottom.

Shoulder paldron is made from foam, and the design done in 3D paint. Still need to heat it to shape though.