HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype ADS - Halo: Legends





Wish. Me. Luck. XD


Ikkaku-kun posted on 3 November, 2010 - 20:35
HAHAHA xD not quite gundam... not quite mjolnir but goddam is it hard xD

Detective Excel posted on 3 November, 2010 - 21:11
I am going to die, somewhere, between the start and end of this costume, I swear :'/

MasterJh117 posted on 4 November, 2010 - 20:13
Oh man...This is going to be a tough one to do...But a brilliant one if you manage it :)

Progress Journal

13th November 2010

Planning: Begin! :D

Okay so this, this is going to be a tough one. I know I wont have it done for a long time. I know I won't be done till near enough 2012, and I know its going to break through money like nothing. But I have hope. I really do.

So I've been told the best thing to use is stuff called EVA foam, practically sports/yoga matts. Using the same style of pepakura, cutting, sticking and glueing, only apparantly less fiddly, looks nicer, smoother look, and so forth.

Theres a lot I have to do, working out the backpack, the weapons along with weight distribution, the fact I will practically lose the ability to hold stuff, one arm being a gattling gun, the other being "hopefully" a toy grabby hand (It'll make more sense later >> Trust me.)

All in all, im excited, looking forward to finally pushing myself to making a beast of a costume, and I hope I can get to it as soon as I can :)