Cosplayer: Phoenix Xlr8r

Variant: original

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th March 2011: almost there apart from styling the wig it is complete yahoohoo!!!

25th March 2011: sword change change of plan the sword was great to start with but its pain to try and pull out while its attached to my back so i have to cut it down a bit :(

17th March 2011: part 2 done got the pauldrons made- need to attach to main suit/body, boots almost done just to add the white detail, also wig finally arrived today so attaching that to the helmet. Sword and sheath is also made.
should be ready for a test run within the next 2 weeks XD

11th January 2011: hakumen part 1 done got the white front done and sewn onto the black top and trousers, and the helmet is mostly done just got to do the boots, add wig to helmet, black neck and pauldrons/shoulder pads.

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Anonymous - 29th December 2010
uwaa! good luck with this! :D