Saica Magoichi - Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes


Never before has a costume left me with so many bruises. Leather is NOT comfortable against bare skin. I enjoyed wearing this all day but there are some improvements that need to be made. However, this cosplay found its way onto 4chan and was NOT flamed. I consider that an achievement!

-I cannot take credit for the leather work (the armour, leg and arm guards) as they were made by my wonderful friend who makes LARP armour. It's a shame those were the best bits of the costume but due to time constraints and stupidity, I could never have made them myself.
-The skirt pattern took about 4 days to paint on. I was meticulous tracing out images on cardboard and painting around them (the pattern is on both sides of the skirt). The one mistake I did make was that the flowers should have been about 2 inches further in, but overall I'm very happy with it as it looked all pretty!
-The leggings and tabi socks were dyed. Not being a skinny size 6 person, the leggings didn't look great and the fact that I hadn't dyed them heavily enough made that worse.
-The belt and belt pouch were bought separately but the colours matched almost perfectly. The studs were made from sculpey and superglued on.
-I made a blue belt but it snapped two nights before the con and I had no access to a sewing machine. The lovely Aka-chan who cosplayed Date Masamune (unf!) made one for me though and now it is mine :)
-The choker was pre-bought and the insignia made out of sculpey clay.
-The sandals were bought at Primark and really should have been black, as I didn't have a photo with me at the time and was working from memory
-The wig was bought from a seller on ebay and required only a tiny bit of cutting and styling

Improvements: I did make shoulder guards but they were made of rather flimsy meshy material and were falling off immediately. I'll need to find some elastic so that they stay in the right place but they should be doable. More importantly, I need to redye those trousers as everyone thought I was going commando.

Littlegeeky posted on 1 November, 2010 - 11:49
Wow I can't wait to see this! Your going to look so badass hun ^_^

Felixize posted on 1 November, 2010 - 12:47
HEY LADY, PUT YER GUNZ ON.... Oh, that might take a while.... Can't wait to see this! <3 We should try to get a big group together for Kitaaaa~~

Kacela posted on 1 March, 2011 - 13:49
O I really love this design, cannot wait to see it ^^

Limegreenjelly posted on 9 April, 2011 - 16:47
This was awesome when I saw it round Kita and the tights really did look like you were going commando XD

Lisu-chan posted on 12 April, 2011 - 01:36
You looked wonderful! Next time, though, perhaps a darker grade of beige/brown? 8D

Leggings and dye
Dye for tabi
Belt w/ pouch
Blue tights (for belt)
Red gloves
Black armbands
Necklace materials
Red fabric (1m)
White tabi socks
Gold fabric paint pen
Leather thonging

Total cost: £0.00

28th March 2011


Wow, I have been neglecting the journal here! Everything was pretty much brought together in the last fortnight in between writing a dissertation so cosplay island has kind of been forgotten! So, the skirt has been painted inside and out (twice), which took 3 days. The corset, leg guards, arm guards and holsters were made with the help of my friend who is in LARPS, and we pretty much spent every evening measuring/shaving leather etc. First time working with leather and probably my last, as I had to do a LOT of test runs. Everything else was more or less bought and then altered. I have finally bought the sandals and tights that I will fashion into the blue belt. Hopefully after Kitacon I'll put up a proper plan of how everything was made, and of course photos!

1st March 2011

Getting there

So, most things have arrived now :D The skirt has been cut out and just needs to be painted. I plan to use a stencil and craft knife to avoid spillage. I need to find some cheap sandals and sew the blue belt but other than that things are done. My friend is almost finished on my armour too!

3rd February 2011

Collecting and poverty

Argh, I'm still at the 'collecting materials' stage and this is already costing over budget D': Definitely not good when I've got a dissertation and employment to worry about. Due to my ineptness at making certain things, I have commissioned by neighbour (who is a LARPer) to make the corset, holsters and leg guards. This partially explains the skyrocketing price, so I will definitely not be making any more cosplays for a few months. Magoichi should be durable to wear over and over again. So far, I have collected: gloves (to be modified), belt (minus the belt pouch), tabi, wig, necklace materials, fabric paint, elbow guards and red fabric. I have been having trouble finding the right coloured trousers and belt pouch so will have to keep trawling shops and the internet.

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