Ramona Flowers (Vol 5 Alternate Cover) - Scott Pilgrim

Status :In Progress
Worn At :Auchinawa 2010


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NakedSalad needed a girlfriend to fight for.
So I volunteered :D

I already had the wig via my Klan Klein wig; I'm using the base wig for that :)

Cost run down so far is:

Pink tights - 50p (gotta love ASDA bargain bin)
Black shorts - £5 (primark sale)
Black boots - £25
Dress/hoodie thing - already owned
Goggles - £5
Subspace Mallet - total cost for this has been roughly a tenner but the most expensive thing was the spraypaint to give it a stoney finish :)


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Progress Journal

Mallet paint job (Posted 28th October 2010)

I picked up this spraypaint in Homebase that gives a stony effect when it dries.
Decided that i'd prefer that than a simple plain silver; i'll paint it grey/silver in time for auchi but imma use the stone effect one for Halloween :)

Mallet base progress (Posted 28th October 2010)

Haha forgive the awful mess in my sisters room; it has the clearer space for working in (mine is full of boxes due to packing things away for decorating) and she's not the tidiest 14 year old in the world (This is saying something for the state of my room :/)

Anyways, was gonna go the foam route but couldn't get to the foam centre before Saturday (when i need this for) so decided to take a trip to Asda and improvise.

Mallet top is made from 2 CD cases stuck together; I wrapped it in bubble wrap to make it soft/unlikely to hurt anyone if bonked on the head.
Then coated that with a thick lining paper i got from the wallpaper section in Homebase.

Next step is to spray paint it using a stone-effect paint