Shadow Sani (hedgewolf) - Original Character




well, seeing as my first 3 attemts at making him failed epicly... i thought that its time to remake him once more, using my newer method ^.^

materials needed~
~ 3 1/2 meters of short black fur
~ 1 meter of short red fur
~ 1/2 meter of long black fur
~ 1/2 meter of long white fur
~ lots of upholstry foam
~ 1 meter of stiff buckram
~ slippers
~ black/white fimo
~ toy stuffing
~ lycra trousers and shirt

need to make a list of everything so i don't forget!

stuff i have...
~upholstry foam
~white fimo
~toy stuffing
~lycra trousers
~1 meter of buckram
~1/2 meter of black fur
~around 1/2 meter of red fur


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