Nel Zelpher - Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time


AmeCon 2006




A costume I had *completely* forgotten I had done, until I saw a photo of it. Whoops!

We nearly managed to get the entire main cast for Ame 2006, and it was fun being a ninja and mucking around with everyone. I can't actually remember much about this costume, other than it was a lot of funky foam (including the armour corset thing) and I spent ages drawing stripes on her damn scarf. My friend Melissa did the things and Nia did my make-up. (okay, gimme a break it's been many years since I've played that game!)

Things learnt from this costume:
Bob cuts do not suit me!
Short skirts should not be worn on windy days!
Ninja's are fun!


Mighty Odango posted on 18 October, 2010 - 12:06
I actually really like this costume of yours - I didn't know you at the time but I remember finding pictures and thinking it was awesome :)

Sephirayne posted on 18 October, 2010 - 13:13
This is really fab costume. I'm glad you found a pic of it. I wished I had seen it when it was worn. Looks great on you.

SlimDefinition posted on 18 October, 2010 - 16:35
Brilliant Nel. Love it.

J-Po posted on 27 December, 2010 - 11:16
ive never seen a nel before this is great !

SamanthaKaiba posted on 2 February, 2011 - 21:33
awesome outfit from an awesome game ^___^

kitty_sama posted on 24 September, 2011 - 13:14
You make an awesome Nel!