Chii (Inspired version of the original ) - Chobits




This is the first garment i've ever made :) - i was so proud of myself when i saw it complete. Its not a replica of her dress, but an inspired version :).
There are imperfections on my first dress, but i'l still wear it as a reminder :).
I used about 13meters of pink lace in total.
I found the most difficult part the bodice, to make it fit to myself. I used a pattern which involved sleeves, then had to cut it all down. I also used a pattern with was 2 sizes bigger than myself, so i had to take it in a lot. - I've learnt from my beginners mistake :)
My best friend made the ears :) I got the pattern to make them & she made them for me :) (as she is cosplaying Freya, so they needed to be identical).
I will be wearing this costume on the Saturday of oct MCM London expo 2010 :D Joining a group of my friends who also made their costumes! :)
Hope you like it!


rocksanie posted on 19 October, 2010 - 21:18
Like I said Becca~ Love so much~~! <3

rosieroo posted on 16 August, 2011 - 22:39
this is very beautiful