Cissnei (Turk Uniform) - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core




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Progress Journal

31st October 2010

the expo was amazing!

So. My first Expo was definitely something to remember! It was the most fun I've had in ages and I'll definitely going back next year!

My Elena wig never showed, unfortunately, so on the day before the Expo I had to think on my feet and do something with my hair! Instead, I dyed it red and curled it, and decided to go as Cissnei instead. It was more of a ten-minute-cosplay than anything else, but what can you do? xD I got loads of awesome photos and met so many lovely people, you were all amazing <3

The only difference will be next year, I'll actually be prepared!

16th October 2010

finally official ,

So, hi there! Cat here and this is my first proper cosplay. :3 I'm really excited and can't wait to go to the Expo! My friend's being dragged along with me, and if I'm not mistaken she's going as Tifa <3

Right now, I've ordered the perfect Elena wig that will probably arrive when I'm in Berlin with my school, and I've sorted the blazer, shirt and trousers. So, the basics are all there! I need to decide on what shoes to wear, find a tie and possibly a gun? xD Oh, and I should learn the art of doing make-up nicely. I hardly ever wear make-up, so this'll be.... a learning experience. xDDD

Shall update when the wig comes! :3