Ishida Uryuu (Quincey (Soul Society Arc)) -



After being quickly hooked by Bleach, i was just struck by this character, and so i decided yes...i'm cosplaying as him NEXT!

Im going to look about for some white pants of some kind, and a branch of a big tree to sand down and use for the bow =] will be fun to do xD

The top doesnt look to hard, will get a picture up here of this man soon enough =]

My hair is pretty much like his atm anyway, just need to dye black (was going to anyway xD lols)

some fake glasses, maybe get a pair of sunglasses which have a similar rim, and just poke out the lenses =] lols

Im hoping for this to be done for around November at the latest, probly wont even take that long tbh =] Maybe just the bow, but ill work my way around that, maybe make a cardboard one until i get the wood one done =] lols.

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