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*highlights everything and clicks delete again*

unfortunately my Grand ball plans have changed! due to servere lack of funds i'm having to change my cosplay to Chii in her overly beaded dress. ^^'

I simply cannot afford the 20 odd metres of fabric, a new wig, a whole loads of trimming, heat press ink and countless lengths of ribbon to make the Sakura dress. it's just too expensive.

plus this was my back-up dress for a reason! ^^

~ about 5 metres of white Poly cotton
~ 2 metres of satin or lining fabric (for dress and matching bloomers)
~ countless packets of pale blue see through plastic beads (glass will be too heavy!)
~ White ballet slippers
~ Really really thin white ribbon (to thread the beads onto)
~ thicker ribbon for straps

~ Blonde wig
~ Fimo for making new Chii ears

2ND UPDATE 26/08/08: Why did the PVA bubble? Why? *emos*

UPDATE 26/08/08: Started the ears today. i have a thing about my cosplays being as accurate as possible and for the ball it has to be doubley so, the ears i'd made for expo in 2006 just didn't cut it and decided to go about finding a way to make a much nicer and sturdier pair of persecom ears.
omg it was hard.
decided fimo was the best thing to use, then i had to figure out how i'd shape them, how it's keep that shape while it wasin the over and how i'd stick it together. also, how would i make them look full and "juicy" like chii's do?
so i spent about 2 hours last night playing with paper and model magic and figuring out a way to make her ears RIGHT because dammit people chii's ears aren't round!! they're quite obviously not round from the side.
so i drew up my template last night and used model magic to make a simple base supported with toothpicks. then this morning after i'd gone and bought more fimo, i cut out the templae shape from roled flat white fimo (which didnt stay white for long, damn black dogs) and place THAT over the tin foil template shape so the fimo wouldn't stick to the model magic while baking. then i secured them to the model magic using more tooth picks and stuck them in the oven along with 2 circles.
when it was done baking i filed away the rough and uneven edges and painted the right pieces the right colours.
once the paint has dried i plan to paint over them again with PVA glue to make them shiney and yummy looking. ^_^
i will post up the templates when i'm finished so at least people can get the shape right. ^^ i'll also post up illustrated instructions. ^^


OnigiriGirl posted on 30 May, 2008 - 12:43
wow good luck! lots of bead @_@

CrystalNeko posted on 30 May, 2008 - 13:11
Oooo good luck with this cosplay! So purdy! *___* And I would... But there are two things against me... I'm only 15 which means I'm 3 years to young to go to the Grand ball 8D; And special-pleb doesn't want to cosplay as Princess Syaoran for a ball XDD

HelloKitty posted on 30 May, 2008 - 14:00
i love the dress you have as your second back up, i think its really beutiful!! otherwise i like the Tohru dress, because its a black and white image you can have a bit of a play with the colours and do it whatever color u like (i vote pink!)

OnigiriGirl posted on 31 May, 2008 - 16:17
i no ur a fashion student but wow! i love ur sketch

Mtani posted on 31 May, 2008 - 23:08
Oh wow! Sketch is prettyyyyy!! :D

KamikazePenguin posted on 26 August, 2008 - 13:29
Wow I can't wait to see this it's such a beautiful dress. :3 Plus you always make your costumes so accurate so it's gonna be great to see. :D Also that was a great way of making the ears I bet they look awesome ^_^ Good luck with the rest of the costume. ^3^

Kannacchi posted on 30 April, 2009 - 21:13
this is going to look amazing when your done =o