Western, "Johny Reb". (Buffalo hunter, trapper.) - Many films, some original photo's.





Buckskin shirt, woolen trousers, boots and "botega's". Black felt hat. As I dig out other pics, I'll post and describe them.
In my profile I mention that I started of as a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War Soc. Western reenactment was a logical progression, especialy after a chance meeting with the "Flying B" western Soc. We mostly went by "alias's, mine was "Johny Reb" because I was also a Confederate in the ACWS.High point was the Silver Jubilee celebrations when we did 3 mock gunfights a day for various street parties over the whole celeb period.(Couldn't do that now, there would be an armed response unit out and we'd all be shot dead).
I still do Western every so often, and will post more up to date pics as I sort them out.
I made the buckskin shirt from sued bought at a now defunct suppliers in Manchester. Cut to a T shaped pattern, and assembled by glueing with Copydex, before hand sewing the seams with a needle and awl. The fringe was cut after it had been inserted into the seams, this saves it getting in the way while sewing.
"Botegas" are leather wraps around the lower leg, sometimes highly decorated, common in the south west of the US, New Mexico and the area around.
This photo was taken during Jubilee year at a friends western style shack near Gillingham.


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