Sakata Gintoki (Ginpachi-sensei) - Gintama




It cost nothing. It took no time. It's the ultimate closet cosplay!
I literally had everything in my wardrobe, mostly borrowed from other cosplays!

Labcoat: I own it but it has yet to find a use... I'm sure it has potential!
Shirt: from Tamaki's ep.26 outfit.
Pants: Gokudera's (as were the fake cigarettes XD)
Tie: Is now my Dad's (why on earth he would wear such an ugly tie is beyond me, though)
Sandals: Kawachi's awful pair.

So yeah, we were surprisingly VERY well noticed at Expo and had a lot of people ask us for photo's etc.

...However I don't include being 'noticed' outside a Chinese gay bar in Soho. That was unfortunate and disturbing. Sensei is retiring now.


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