Fujin - Final Fantasy 8




Worn by Sorceress-Eiva (Molly) This is from her bio on CosplayIsland:

"Kind of a sudden plan - I was going to cosplay Elfé from FFVII's Before Crisis, and then decided one morning that it was too much hassle to do and that I wanted to do something simpler instead. But still, two costumes, yay.
So, Fujin, because she is awesome. :D

Somehow this got finished without being totally horribly mangled, but there's still parts of it I'd like to redo at some point, even though I probably won't. The zipper pissed me off to high heaven (and broke one of my sewing machine's needles >:C) and the fabric had no give to it so it was kinda hard to get in/out, but other than that I liked the shirt. Wore leggings of approximately the right colour cause I couldn't find any trousers in the shade I needed (and there was no way I was gonna make a pair of trousers when I still had so much of Franziska to finish D8). Reused a pair of boots that I've had for a really long time and remembered that they kill my feet and that's why I don't wear them anymore. Made the eyepatch cause I couldn't find one, and borrowed the wig from a friend. There was no time to make the shuriken D: but who knows, one day I might.

I am not pleased with the shoulder armour. It was going to be made out of foam, which refused to be painted, so I swapped to a plastic bottle, which also refused to be painted (and in the process slit my finger with my scissors. fml fml fml), so in the end I painted the black onto prexisting silver'd foam that a friend allowed me to take. Not happy with it at all, but it got done, I guess. Definitely something I want to remake if I get the chance.
...I think props hate me."


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