Orihime Inoue (Hueco Mundo Lolita style) - Bleach





wore for the Itadakimasu (Yorcos cosplay cafe) event in April 2010. won 1st prize in their cosplay contest.

I like orihime, my hair is usually the same colour and length as hers.

And as I'd previously done the hueco mundo outfit (back in October 2007) I used the same coat for this. At least it still fit me, unlike the rest of the outfit.

found a cheap skirt in Primark.

made an overskirt (with the cut out)

bought netting to make underskirts out of

hat was made using clear plastic as a base, glueing white material, lace and ribbon to it, and painting blue onto more plastic to symbolise her hairclips (but on the hat)


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