Qustis Trepe V.1 (Battle) - Final Fantasy 8





Worn by FusionRose (Emma D) This is her bio of the costume from her cosplayisland:

"I love wearing Quistis, definetly the best cosplay i've done. This isn't though because of the character (although i do adore her, she's a strong woman and isn't a crybaby and attention seeker like some other characters in the game lol) but it's because of my friends. I love cosplaying with Hyne's Children, they are the greatest cosplay friends one could ask for ^_^ So a biig (L) to my Rinny, Selphie, Seifer, Squall, Zell, Edea, Ward, Laguna and possible Irvine xD I love you alll x.

Next time i shall be wearing this will be Manchester Expo, many of our group is from this area and have asked to do a Meet up there =D
Version 2 is now in progress for this event ^_^ I've always been a bit upset about my Quistis because it's not all my own work and i want to make her as perfect as possibly can =D I've already got the perfect material for her armwarmers and will be getting a new wig after christmas and i now know how to get the flick perfect xD"


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