Rinoa Heartilly V.1 (Normal) - Final Fantasy 8




Worn by BabemRoze (Emma G). This is her bio of the costume from her cosplayisland:

"When I played Final Fantasy 8 I fell in love with Rinoa's spirit and heart. I felt like I could relate to her more than any other character I'd come across. Since this was the first time I was ever going to cosplay I decide it should be her.

I bought the cosplay from www.cosplaymagic.com for around £100. Since I had never made an outfit before or had the facilities to do so. I had bought one from eBay but it arrived smaller than asked for so I had to go to cosplaymagic. When it arrived it was a perfect fit and made me feel so much like Rinoa I didn't want to take it off.

I decided to use my own hair although it was brown instead of black and I bought two blonde clip in extensions from Peacocks for £5. My friend lent me her boots and now has let me keep them (although I need to fix the zip on one).

I hope one day to make my own Rinoa cosplay and buy a wig so it is 100% accurate and perfect. And I hope when I can I'll buy an Austrailian Shepherd (or half border collie and half german shepherd - if I can find one XD) bitch to be my Angelo :)"


hacwa posted on 17 October, 2010 - 01:13
you look awesome!! =D