Aqua - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep




petrol coloured lycra blouse top purchased from a charity shop for £4.50. Have taken off the collar, sleeves and made into a halter neck top

Need to buy some eyelets tomorrow to make the lacing on the cincher

various ribbons purchased for £1.60

got some silver rubberised fabric to make the armour from Boyes for £1.60


Lisu-chan posted on 8 October, 2010 - 19:17
Ahhh nice process! Using an excisting corset is SO much smarter then actually making one! >.> Good luck with the shoes BTW, I saved them for last for a reason.. I sort of was shoe-phobic, XD! Hope to run into you at London Expo.. what day will you be wearing Aqua?

LuciaDuvant posted on 8 October, 2010 - 19:29
i'm planning to use silver rubberised material to make armour ontop of a pair of chelsea boots. don't think I can actual make shoes. Probably will be Aqua on Saturday i hope to meet you too. wanna see those shoes close up XD

Lisu-chan posted on 8 October, 2010 - 19:33
Mine started out as boots as well, but there's not much left of the original boot! XD Yay, I'll go as her on Saturday as well, so I'd love to take a pic with you! ^_^

Lisu-chan posted on 11 October, 2010 - 22:30
aaaah! Nice job on the boots/shoes! ^_^

Sweeturk posted on 12 October, 2010 - 17:19
awesome ^_^ it's looking good so far! =D

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Progress Journal

19th October 2010

today - Hull ReCon

well this afternoon anyways.
I am busy sewing the armour on the sleeves. Have cut the top off the boots and they look good. Bought some 60 Denier M&S holdups and a grey lycra top. The Lycra top I will (hopefully) make into gloves before expo. But won't manage it before this evening. So will have to wear fingerless wool gloves. Wig arrived yesterday. Doesn't look too bad (in the packet) not looking at it till I've finished with the sleeves. Train is at 3pm. Hope I get everything finished by then. Then I have to decide ... am I wearing it to go out, or am I getting changed when I arrive? its bloody freezing out there DX

14th October 2010

skirt and armour

have made the skirt panels today and sewn them to a light blue belt. Painted the sleeve armour yesterday, its dry now, will sew it to my sleeves with small tacking stiches. The sash, I will fix on the day with either tacking stiches or discreet safety pins. Boots are in the process of being stuck to armour. When completely dry will trim boot tops

11th October 2010

new boots

found a pair of wellies at a bric a brac sale that were 3 quid, managed to get them for 1 quid, when I told them what I wanted to do with them. A peach coloured hankie from the same place for free (I couldn't find amber material so will layer this peach material to gain stronger colour), some purple/red ribbon that I'm still not convinced is the correct colour for 1.35 that I'm attaching to some hemming ribbon to give it extra weight. Can't really do anymore tonight have to wait for all the glue to dry. Fabric Glue - great stuff, however its annoying when it takes 24hrs to set.

10th October 2010

armour day

been so busy. Have got all the armour cut out for the shoes and its looking great. Am so happy with how it looks. need a new pair of boots tho. Chelseas are needed for other outfits so I can't just superglue armour to them without ruining them. Will search for more boots that I can glue stuff to.

arm armour bits have been cut out and now need amber material for the jewel - I'll get some wide ribbon from the market tomorrow. Probably will individually sew each armour piece to the sleeves so they layer properly

9th October 2010


have been making the 'cross ribbons' from some purple material scraps I found. I know I should start on the shoes. I hope I don't make a mess of them

8th October 2010


gave in to temptation, bought a wig, was gonna use the one I have for my Chopin outfit, but decided its too dark a colour, so went on ebay and bought a better one. I know it won't arrive by Hull Recon (for the 19th October) but I really hope it arrives by 27th October so I can take it to expo with me

obviously its gonna need styling (oh joy - I hate styling wigs with a passion DX)