Jelenda (EINHERJAR) - Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth





Always loved this game, even started playing it myself now that im a bit older and can uderstand it. tif9123 wants to do lenneth and i always liked jelenda so i asked her when she did lenneth if i could do jelenda and she said yes ^^ im so excited to be cosplaying a princess!!!
i have te best big sister ever, she is so lovely and kind even to people who have hurt her she is never spiteful!


Zelda posted on 5 October, 2010 - 19:55
You will make such a beautiful Jelenda ^^ and thank you for your lovely words ^^

NightmareWings posted on 5 October, 2010 - 19:55
You will look lovely sweetie! I cant wait to see you as this!

Black_Star posted on 5 October, 2010 - 19:56
thankies amanda -hug- and thankies kara!