Ino Yamanaka - Naruto


First place at MCM London Expo Sunday May 2005


First worn at: MCM London Expo Sunday May 2005

Inspiration: Around the time I had just got into watching Naruto, thanks to my cousin. I had found alot of sites of USA cosplayers dressing up mainly as Sakura but I wasnt too keen on her outfit so when the first anime village was annouced for the May 2005 London Expo. I decided to go for a character that wasnt worn much and wasnt too hard to make, thats is why Ino was choosen I dont have blonde hair but I did love her outfit ^^. Plus it was a bonus to be the first Ino for Londonexpo ^^v But I cant of worn this without my sisters creative hands (Was a right noobie forgot how to use a sewing machine and everything :X)

Favorite Aspect: I still love the top and want to wear it even if I dont want to wear it as a cosplay outfit lol

Least Favorite Aspect: The Fake bandages that was sewn onto a home made shorts so I didnt have to take time to bandage myself everytime I wanted to wear the outfit :X But still had to adjust the loose bandage to rest at the right place when I wear it. Try wearing it and getting your sister sticking a needle at it when your wearing it ><;;

Easiest Task: putting it on for my sister to see how it looks XD

Hardest Task: Hand sewing the Ninja sandels the night before and getting lack of sleep to get it done XD

MangaChild posted on 5 June, 2008 - 11:03
Your Ino looks great even without the wig I think everyone surrers the night before expo syndrome of not having costumes finished, its almost like a tradition now... Hats off to ya for making the sandals i just wore sandals with socks over them lol :P

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