Hikaru (Angel) - Angelic Layer



This will be for Minamicon when it gets listed in the event list XD - deferred for personal reasons-

I'm making Wizard for a friend who's always wanted to do Wizard but it is to be kept a secret who for now :D

But yeh, Angelic Layer was one of my first and this is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

So yeh, wish me luck :D Am planning a skit that will hopefully will be made of awesome

WingedWalrus posted on 6 October, 2010 - 21:30
Aw Hikaru is win!! This will be awesome 8D <3

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 3 September, 2012 - 00:08
Ee. I'd squee at this. ... And then probably call out "Angel Wings! Please guide me and Hikaru!" Though thankfully, I'd be too weak to try and throw you like an Angel.

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