Gaara (Sexy no jutsu) - Naruto




I made this costume because I love naruto and my favorite character is gaara. I really wanted to do a gaara cosplay, but his costume seemed a little hard to make and I didn't want a wig as I alread had just bought one for my L cosplay. I also had red hair anyway, so I decided to do a sexy no jutsu gaara. I decided to do the chuunin exams version so I bought a plain black top and some fish net tights. I cut the tights in half and my mother sewed the ends onto the end of the sleeves on the top. I then used some plain black shorts I already owned and I bought some bandages to wrap round my ankles. I wore plain black sandals which I already owned and bought some black fish net armwarmers. I also decided for a prop, to make a gourd.
For this I bought two really big balloons. I then paper mach├ęd lots of layers over them. After they dried, I bought some plaster of paris and spread it all over the gourd and created a thick link in between the two balloons. I then used some cardboard to make the cork and spray painted all over the gourd. After this I made stencils and painted on the signs and drew on the cracks with sharpie marker. I also bought some red and yellow ribbon for the sash and to carry it round with.


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