Yuuki Cross - Vampire Knight


I decided to choose Yuuki Cross as my first cosplay as I really liked vampire knight at the time and she had similar hair to me. I really wanted to cosplay zero, but I didn't really understand how to successfully cosplay a boy and yuuki was easier. I bought a school skirt and knee high socks to start with. I then bought an old suit at a charity shop, some white ribbon and my grandmother sewed the ribbon onto the suit for me. I bought a red ribbon and pinned it onto a school blouse that I already owned. I also bought the prefect armband from tokyotoys. As well as the costume, I made a prop, the artemis. To do this, I got a broom stick and wrapped it in flexible cardboard. I then taped it to the broom and painted it silver and drew black lines round it in sharpie. :)

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