Paine (Warrior) - Final Fantasy X-2



This is up for remaking/fixing as the bra underneath no longer fits and the general fit needs improving, as well as the plates needing to be fixed on better.

Paine needs more love. It's not her fault she ended up in a rubbish game! I considered other X-2 characters but neither Rikku nor X-2 Yuna really suits me, whereas Paine is just my type. I picked (with advice) her Warrior costume to attempt first, as it's her most recognisable.

I did this at uni, so I didn't have a great deal of space or resources available to me, hence some of the inaccuracies and poorer parts of the costume. I WILL redo this some day as it's a great design and I want to do it proper justice.

terandir posted on 20 August, 2008 - 08:46
nice one! i love this! Paine was my favourite character from X-2. :d you get her spot on :) thanks you very much for your kind comments about Terry. who were you in the masquerade? i might have seen you going around :)

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