Max (G-Revolution) - Beyblade





I can't help it I have Beyblade fever and Max is my favorite so I want to do another of his outfit and I have an idea how to do the shirt but no idea how to do the trousers yet. But still I get to be part of a different team this time PPB All Starz :D


Anonymous posted on 23 September, 2010 - 14:27
hey i know this is totally irrelivant, BUT, i could sell you the max cosplay i made for my friend, i did the shoe covers and everything, she dosent wanna wear it again and it dosent fit me so its sitting in a draw unloved :(, i could ajust it to you're size and all if you wanted, if you wanna see a picture of it go here: I wouldn't charge you a mass amount either, just be happy to see it have a new home?