Len Kagamine (Magnet) - Vocaloid





Animeland wasabi 2010 was my first Con, This is who I went as.


kittenaid posted on 22 September, 2010 - 07:22
I adore the couple photo! its great!

J-Po posted on 22 September, 2010 - 14:24
wow you look amazing you wearing this costme again? you should i demand it lmao

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 22 September, 2010 - 14:32
Love this, you're an awesome Len!

FruityKyuubi posted on 22 September, 2010 - 20:42
FFGamerGirl: Thank you, I'm upgrading it to look more like the orignal Len magnet, so I guess that means I will be wearing it again. :D

Clover-tan posted on 24 September, 2010 - 06:35
You look so good as him~! X3 Makes me wanna cosplay as Gakupo now > <

FruityKyuubi posted on 27 September, 2010 - 00:03
Blue_Clover: How? XD Thanks for your comment. goodluck on your Gakupo ^__^