Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy 7 Dirge Of Cerberus

In Progress




This costume was completed a few years ago BUT it has gone through the ringer and needs some serious TLC and repairs so I will mark is as a work in progress.....

Oh lord where do I begin...okay first off this costumes is for my BF who very much does look like vincent unlike me lol. Thank god we are the same size or else I would never have gotten this costume to look right =P.

Anyway, the whole body suit is made from pleather with the belt tips being femo that i carved up and spray painted silver. The whole gun holster is also pleather that i tooled with rivets and fake bullets for the cerberus gun (i did not make that, mike from did)

The cape is made from suede...upholstery suede actually because I had to use something thick and sturdy to put all the belts onto.

The wig i got from Cosworx but it was the wrong one and i had to do a lot of cutting and styling to make it look right. I cut off about half the hair that the wig actually had, thinned and layered it then lathered it with ice spiker to get the little spiked on top then glazed it with elmers glue to make it permanent. Add a little black spray paint on top of that to hide the glue and there yah go.


PapercutPerfect posted on 22 September, 2010 - 12:05
O__________O ...Wow. I mean... WOW. You are an absolutely FANTASTIC Vincent! Without a doubt one of the best I've seen. Totally amazing job, you're just... gah, you're wonderful.

- posted on 22 September, 2010 - 12:26
Holy shit man!! WOAH i thought you WERE vincent for a momment...PFFFT BEST ONE SEEN YET!! ...uhdush wow.

Anggul posted on 22 September, 2010 - 13:29
Awesomely done (:

DrunkleyCP posted on 22 September, 2010 - 13:43
OMG This is F.A.B!!!

AnimeWarrior posted on 22 September, 2010 - 15:49
wow wow wow wow

DuskatNight posted on 22 September, 2010 - 17:02
Woah! Jesus Christ that's the most impressive Vincent I've ever seen! O.o

Kerhys posted on 22 September, 2010 - 19:42
Your costume is fantastic! And awesome set up, you make a brilliant Vincent! ^^

FuriePhoenix posted on 22 September, 2010 - 20:49 mind blowing!! If this just in progress, id like to see it complete!! Seriously this is awesome!

InfiniteJester posted on 22 September, 2010 - 20:54
woww this is amazing!

CelestialShadow19 posted on 24 September, 2010 - 04:40
Thanks everyone for the comments, I really wasn`t expecting so many!

p-rcelain posted on 14 January, 2011 - 00:08
My God. Your Cosplay is A m a z i n g ! Did you Make it yourself? .3.

Sephirayne posted on 19 January, 2011 - 01:52
OMG!! That is one of the best Vincent's I have ever seen. You have it so spot on. Love it