Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt) (Gakuen Uniform) - Hetalia Axis Powers


Lol more?! I like The Gakuen Universe & Prussia so both together = <3.

I'll fit this in somewhere I will! It'll be fairly easy enough to put together bar the trousers..that'll be an interesting search. Gilbird will be pimped out for school too somehow. >>;

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29th September 2010

Ore-sama on it's way!

Haiii Gakuen pants arrived today along with my iron cross necklace <33 I bought the shirt,t-shirt and hoody yesterday it's so comfy. e_e although the pants look rather dark with green, thats okay though right??! D: It's a casual cosplay nothing over serious about it so I'm happy with everything like my lil Gilbird seems to be. My camera broke at the week so had to result in using this ancient beast for photos e_e# expect full costume pics soonish!

23rd September 2010


Since I already have the wig & Contacts in progress.... Just have to snap up the rest of this outfit really and Gakuen Prussia are go! 8D! I'm really leaning more to Prussia now for Friday's London Oct Expo <333 cause awesomeness is calling. But I'm still taken Punk!England for later on.

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