Costume :Alfred Jones/America
Variant :Military Uniform
Source :Hetalia: Axis Powers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Wig and Glasses


Costume Information

Cost : 66.0489 pounds
Time Taken : Five Months


This will be my first 'real' cosplay. I bought the belt and the tie at the Soviet Union for $2.00 a pop. I already own the button down and the boots. I bought the windbreaker, the coat, and the pants off of HelloCosplay.com. I have to re-sew one of the buttons on though...

Anyways, I'm buying the wig off of eBay, along with the glasses and gloves. I've found a pair of glasses that are okay, but they're a bit more thick-rimmed then I wanted. If anyone knows where I can get some that have thinner-rims tell me, please.


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Yay! Best of luck with this 8D
America is AWESOME!

by MadameLapin on Friday, 17 September, 2010 - 16:07

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ALL DONE!! (Posted 22nd October 2010)

I found a pair of leather gloves! My glasses arrived a few weeks ago and my wig came today! I'll take a picture later, I promise!

Wig Change (Posted 27th September 2010)

I ended up canceling my order on my wig at www.fm-anime.com. It seems the shipping is $15.00. Way too exspensive for a wig. I've decided to buy it off eBay instead because I get free shipping and it was the wig I was going to originally buy. Ah well. Quea Sera Sera.

Sewing and Such (Posted 19th September 2010)

Just some quick updates, sorry for the fact that I don't have a picture of the cosplay yet. I want to take a picture in pieces. I also am just to lazy to take a picture yet. Sorry. I just finished re-sewing the button on my coat. I'm buying my wig off of www.fm-anime.com. I still have to buy the gloves and glasses.

In other news, I've started a cosplay group! There's only four of us so far, though ^^;. We're all hoping to go to AnimeUSA in November (I'll finally be fourteen when I go XD). It will be awesome. Lots of film, pictures, and cosplays. That's about it for now.