Karin (Manga) - Naruto Shippuuden


Alcon 2010

september cosplay winner 2010 on Animeleague


This was a fun cosplay to do. and the top was so comfortable. It was quite easy to do, as the shorts and socks I had already! The top was quite hard to make, as the original zip had to be replaced to create the style that Karin has. Overall it went pretty well, theres a few things that I'd like to change for next time!

It was fun to do, and my first ever cosplay! :]

(Edit: Credit goes to Bangus, who added the zip to the top for me, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be cosplaying ^^)

Bangus posted on 14 September, 2010 - 10:28
This outfit really does look Proper Sexy on Ye :D I think the top was in fact a very good purchase late minute and also the shoes. They worked so much better than i expected.

Raevyne posted on 14 September, 2010 - 21:35
Thank you! I don't think it came out too bad for a first cosplay, also concidering how last minute the top and shoes were! :P

Bangus posted on 14 September, 2010 - 21:42
Too bad? I think It looked friggin awesome.

FruityKyuubi posted on 26 September, 2010 - 02:25
Absolutely Amazing Karin *0*

Raevyne posted on 1 November, 2010 - 17:22
Thankyou very much :D

blissfulbanana posted on 28 April, 2011 - 16:54
woooow it looks so good xD it is amazing

sjbonnar posted on 16 June, 2011 - 09:51
A gorgeous Karin!

Alter the Top to make it a more slender fit

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