Engineer (BLU) - Team Fortress 2


The Engineer is one of my favourite classes in Team Fortress 2, along with the Spy, Pyro and Scout. Since I've wanted to do a TF2 cosplay for a while, I chose to do one that wouldn't be too hard to get stuff for. Once I found a pair of cheap welding goggles on eBay, I knew that the Engineer would be the one.

A similarly cheap helmet was acquired from a local supplier, and appropriately modified (reversed) for Engie. I had intended to buy a wrench and spray it with some left-over gold paint from when I made Captain Falcon. When I bought my vintage wrench (the only one I could find in that style), I decided against it, as it really was a nice tool.
Finding yellow knee pads was a chore - they were only available online from what I could see.
The tool belt was really hard to find. Nowhere sold one that looked like Engie's. In the end I decided to just buy a bog-standard one that looked kinda like it.
The class patches on the shoulders are technically on upside-down. I only realised that when it was too late. There's not much of a difference, so I don't really care.
This cosplay, much like my Luigi one, reuses parts from other cosplays to save money. The boots and overalls are from both Mario Bros cosplays, and the glove is from Captain Falcon.

I loved wearing this for the first time. Everything just felt right.

Lady-Aira posted on 10 October, 2010 - 19:05
Looking awesome ^^

Apply class patches to the shirt
Tool belt
Knee pads
Polo shirt
White Undershirt

Total cost: £0.00

29th January 2011

The Engineer Update, Part 3


Another fast update.

The screw-thread still works. Not that it's gonna be used.

"That there is a gold-plated kill!"

29th January 2011

The Engineer Update, Part 2

Fast update...
Well, the new wrench has been cleaned with a wire brush and meths, meaning that the screw-thread will now turn.
And I do believe I have undone that with the application of primer.
I was able to take the handle off, meaning that I could stand the wrench up in a bottle.

Maybe later tonight, I can give it the Midas touch...

29th January 2011

The Engineer Update, Part 1

What's this? An update, long after the costume is complete?
Well, not so much a costume update. More like a prop update.

I bought a second wrench. As you can see, it's slightly bigger than the other one (about 2 inches), but it's not in as good condition. It's a bit dirty and the screw-thread is quite rusty, meaning it's not very adjustable.
So why did I buy it?

Well, it should be pretty obvious since I talked about it in the Information section...