Denmark - Hetalia Axis Powers

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Hetalia's appearing a lot == I can't help ittt... Theres to many characters I like & calling to me to cosplay ;____; <33's the Denmark.

I get to have a hat & spikey blonde hair &&&& I don't have to get contacts for this >D Plus black & red themed <33 I need to grow. Still debating on about making the axe too.

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11th February 2011


So I got some red jeans..and in the process of waiting for the red shirt to arrive too ^^~ just means its the coat I have to make soon.

19th September 2010

The Wig

Made a start on the wig today~ Originally my Len wig which I fought with to be Denmark. It had plenty of layers going on and is really thick, so sweeping it over and styling it on the one side was simple enough.

12th September 2010

The Hat

I've completed it's form but have to add something inside to stiffen it up and figure out how to make it stay on. ==

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