Costume :Ignorance
Variant :Huntress
Source :Walking the Lethe (webcomic)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

Costume Photos

98% Complete Costume

Tail and Vest Test

Ignorance Reference Image


Costume Information

Ignorance is an original character from my husband's webcomic, http://walkingthelethe. She is a leopard demoness who challenges Richard (the main character) with his willful ignorance on his journey to the gates of Heaven.

- Yellow-brown skin; slightly furry
- Leopard spots on the arms, legs, and tail, but not on chest or hands.
- Rounded ears
- Slit eyes, yellow
- Digigrade
- Medium length brown hair
- Black horns
- Leopard tail

- Hunting vest, worn open
- Military colored shorts
- Hiking boots (if not in digigrade form)

I won't be doing the slit eyes (I already have normal contacts), the digigrade feet (too hard), or the brown hair (I'd feel silly covering my purple with brown). But Ignorance is a demon. She can look like whatever she wants to. :P


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Body Paint and Costume Test (Posted 10th October 2010)

My Ignorance costume is 98% finished. Today we did a body paint and costume test as well as a walk about outdoors with my tail to test the durability. Unfortunately the tail failed so we're considering ways to strengthen the structure so it can actually survive a con.

After a second look at the photo, I think I need to extend the paint on my chest further. :P

Tail Finished and Horns painted (Posted 25th September 2010)

"Skinned" my tail and painting my horns black with a white wash. They look good. :D

Tail & Vest Test (Posted 24th September 2010)

I think I'm really getting excited about this costume. I modified my vest slightly to fit it to my body better and the shorts are just a pair in my wardrobe. I'm going to have to wear the vest zipped in order to hide the belts from the tail but over all I think it looks good.

I was going to scrap my rifle but now I'm considering doing something for a weapon again. The costume seems to pose better with a prop. Not sure what though.

Love to hear your suggestions.

Tail Skeleton Complete! (Posted 23rd September 2010)

I've finished the skeleton of my mechanical tail for this costume and uploaded a video of the test to YouTube. Check it out here:

I'll be added a furry leopard print skin to this as well as a little padding. The entire thing lists to one side right now, but maybe the extra friction of the fabric will help it center without harming the motion too much.

Tail! And bad news about my rifle (Posted 13th September 2010)

My husband talked me into trying to create a mechanical tail for this costume; one that will swing back and forth. So I'm trying to build this K'nex tail I saw on Youtube: I got the sections together tonight and now I need to find some rubberbands. It's a pretty awesome tail design, so I'll be posting a video or something once the entire thing is finished.

Bad news on my rifle is that it is waaaaay over size for the Eurostar luggage. Between that and the fact that it hasn't dried completely in three days means I probably need to start over. I'm all out of cardboard. D: *sob*

Oh well, back to work.

Getting started on rifle (Posted 12th September 2010)

I've gotten started creating Ignorance's elephant rifle out of paper mache clay, cardboard, and a pvc pipe. Here's a couple shots of how it's coming so far. This sucker is 1.5 m long.

I'm rather disappointed with the paper mache "clay" as I can't seem to get it smooth enough. Hopefully once it has dried I'll be able to sand it.