Ukraine - Axis Powers Hetalia


Amecon 2010


This is my slightly-frilly Ukraine.
Some of this is actual clothes. I made all of it, but I really like the outfit so made it the same way as when I make actual clothes, no cosplay shortcuts. The blouse is one I wear for loli stuff (and other cosplays), and I made it for general use rather than specifically for this. It is white cotton poplin with scalloped guipure lace trim, and the cuffs are tied off with ribbons. Satin ribbon never stays put tho does it? The buttons also come undone with alarming frequency, which is in-character at least. Boiiiing!
I love knee-britches/knickerbockers etc. so I'd absolutely wear these in general life, maybe without the straps. The pattern was fairly difficult, not beyond me (I have made skirts with a similar fit, but I'm not a great wearer of trews so have not made many) but had to be an exact fit, as there's no adjustment. The waist part is more like a cincher, made with 8 panels, double layered fabric, with interfacing. Also, this was the first time I've done a zip fastening on trews- I don't really like zips, so I've used more creative fastenings on previous pairs- it was actually really simple. La. Trews are made of blue cotton-blend drill with silver metal coat-of-arms buttons.
The headband is crocheted, I know she has a yellow one in the anime but it's green in some images, and I prefer green. So. I made it a frilly one also, in keeping with the slight frilliness overall.
Non-idiotic boots are a bit hard to find... these are grand, but finding some plain ones that weren't a) lethally pointy or b) ridiculously high-heeled was awkward.
Pitchfork is made of the very sturdy card tube out of a roll of fabric, with plastazote and stuff.
Dyed my hair for this and Prussia, which was surprisingly not a disaster... it came out a reasonable shade of blonde, more like a Milkybar than clown orange. Technically Ukraine has short hair, but I wasn't going to cut it (and I don't like to faff with loads of hairstuff on wigs), so I did it up in plaits like Julia Tymoshenko. Tho' she must have about 3x as much hair to work with, mine look a bit anaemic.
Lastly, the hairclip is two clock hands soldered/wired together. I added a wee bow also, just for frillz.

Monkey posted on 5 September, 2010 - 22:43
<33333 Am gonna send some photos to you asap! :D

sarmander posted on 18 September, 2010 - 22:29
Gosh, only 1 comment? You make a wonderously wonderful Ukraine! =D I wish I could meet you as England someday~

Enchanting_ELK posted on 19 September, 2010 - 12:57
8D I love the photos you have!! And your outfit is beautiful ^^! Really well made~ You look perfect for Ukraine ^^!