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So this is yet another in a long list of things that I have been harassed into by my group. And honestly...

I. AM. SO. DAMN. FREAKIN. HAPPY. ABOUT. IT. *___________*

Had only ever heard of AS before a couple of our group cosplayed from it. And then said group was extended, and my ever-wonderful x-Blade-x threw Katan at me. And HO MY GOD, I AM SO VERY GLAD SHE DID. *A* One look at the Military Artwork Uniforms and I was /sold/. Then reading some of the manga, and really enjoying it -- just further cemented this in my head.

PLUS. I get to cosplay half of my OTP from this series, which is SUCH an epic bonus. >8D More than that in fact. Probably wouldn't do this at all if it weren't for my brilliant Rosiel-sama!! <3

Am also thrilled to be doing this (wheneverwedothem >.>) with our epic Lucifer, Alexiel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel - and that's only so far 8'D. Will feel so proud doing this with them all, and can't wait to get started!

(Test shots should be up after I get back from Alcon, since I'm getting the wig this week for my birthday. Though have already done a teaser shot with that, and am VERY happy with it. *w*)


BladeyCakes posted on 4 September, 2010 - 19:07
I am sorry we keep harassing you into these things my dear... BUT GOD DAMMIT. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- *jumps on, and showers you with SO MUCH BI-POLAR LOVE, you might drown in it* <333333 Just... my Katan. MY KATAN!!!!!!! *keeps saying it, because I feel so special for actually HAVING a Katan* <3333 I AM ONE LUCKY ROSIEL *___* I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR DOING THIS WITH ME ;A; <3 Just...just... *clings* I WOULDNT BE DOING ROSIEL WITHOUT YOU /AT ALL/. I need a Katan to hide behind when the others rage at me, after all ;D ...and to fawn over. Which will happen so much it'll be silly x'D rofl But YES. You suit him SO MUCH already hun, as I've told you numerous times. DAT TEASER SHOT. *A* NOMNOMNOM~ it still makes me spack, I hope you know that! And Rosiel is expecting smexy shots after Alcon indeed... and cant wait. Seriously. He's scaring me xD <333 SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU FOR DOING THIS WITH US ALL *w* <33333 xxx

Metty-Panda posted on 4 September, 2010 - 19:08
Afghjkkuytefghjkmnbvbhjkl,kmnbhjk. *deaded* You're making this official. OFFICIAL. *rolls around the living room in utter JOY and HAPPINESS and SQUEE's and--yeah* Oh man, you're gonna have a very OOC Lucifer leeched onto your leg for the whole day, especially as you'll be with the equally UH-MAZING Rosiel too! You remember my mighty fangirl rawr when you tried a wig that's similiar to Katan's, at Aimee's birthday weekend? ... Yeah, the whole outfit put together is gonna result in THE. Biggest. Fangirl. Squee. In existence. And this'll come from Lucifer. It will make you LOL. DAMN MAN, I SERIOUSLY can't wait till you make a start on this~!! LOVELOVELOVELOVELO-- *shot* xxx <3 xxx

Getti posted on 4 September, 2010 - 21:32
XDDDDDDD FINALLY. lolol. Not sure how to feel about this, as there will undoubtedly by much bricking going on with you and...certain others about. But you will be fantastic! And the wig looked lovely <3333 SO I CHOOSE HAPPINESS AND SPACKAGE. You'll be an eeeepic Katan! Plus military uniforms are freaking awesome <333 CANNOT WAIT TO SEEEEE~! ...just remember to keep your head about you ;D