Alice Cullen (School Outfit) - New Moon





I was aked by my friend who cosplayed Jasper to do Alice xD

I like the books, but hate the movies |D
But I do kinda like Alice and Jasper in the movies, so it's okay xD

I liked thi outfit best and so we made this version xD

I'm really proud of the Jacket, it was quite hard to sew!

The gloves thingies are hand-knitted by a friend's grandma <3


InfiniteJester posted on 15 September, 2010 - 21:10
aw u make a lovely alice!

cowiee posted on 16 September, 2010 - 07:43
So beautiful :D

FuriePhoenix posted on 21 January, 2011 - 21:29
you make a lovely Alice!