Darth Vader
Star Wars

Cosplayer: Ranma1-2

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

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- - 3rd September 2010
Oooo good luck with this, can't wait for you to start and get some progress up <3

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Anonymous - 3rd September 2010
if you do this october next year, i would love you, as im doing luke skywalker *~*

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Debbie Ella - 3rd September 2010
HAHA this is so wrong, it's right! And I just so happen to be watching Star Wars right now and Vader just turned up! xD Coincidence? ;)

"I find your lack of faith... disturbing" MOHAHAHAAA <3

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ryaoki - 3rd September 2010

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 25th September 2010
If there is a Skit! please let my Luke Skywalker be in it XD please bring this to something im at to get pics with plzplzplzl XD

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Ranma1-2 - 26th September 2010
^_^ I'm sure I will roll this cosplay out a few times cuz its such an easy one to do. eg Ummm 2011 there is a reprise of the Star Wars group?

A skit you say.. that should be easy to arrange something fitting. :P

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ryaoki - 12th November 2010
When you do this

i may try and get Starkiller done!

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Anime_Angel - 11th January 2011
You ought to do this cosplay at a convention at some point because Good ol Darthy is the ultimate Star Wars villain, I'm trying to raise £500 to buy myself the best costume on ebay lol

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Ranma1-2 - 12th January 2011
I discovered I am too small to do Darthy justice really. Thats why I switched to Lady vader for the Leeds comic con Star Wars group. I saw a proper Darth Vader there and next to him I looked tiny. (pic standing next to him in Lady Vader Photos). So think I am gonna leave Daddy Vader to the big boys.

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Anime_Angel - 12th January 2011
Yeah I want my Dress nooowwww^__^ also the wig costed me £100 aswell so thats somat to look forward to lol

Yeah that sucks with darthy, but you coul give platform shoes a try though^__^, what are the chances that someone will see yer feet lol