Costume :Poe Collector
Source :Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
Progress :Planned
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

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Halloween here you come, heh. Just take some empty bottles to pass on to any Link you come across.

How give them a bottle, tell them to go find poes (doesn't matter how...even if it's a drawing on a scrap piece of paper), find you again, and you take their drawings or whatnot. The best one gets a pack of Pocky? XD

by SlimDefinition on Saturday, 4 September, 2010 - 17:28

That's pretty awesome.
Can't wait to see it. :D

by ArcherPlusle on Saturday, 4 September, 2010 - 18:29
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This makes you a legend @@!!! LOZ is epic!!! Can't wait to see!!

by Zelda on Saturday, 25 September, 2010 - 23:41
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Ooooo do i need to bring some bottles too? ^_^ look forward to seeing this x will you have time to do it for sunday cos you have Aika to work on?

by Raye-chan on Wednesday, 13 October, 2010 - 18:36
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I'm hoping I can get him done, I'm not sure though. Am trying to work out what I can do. I got expo week off work so I will have 4 days to work something out.

by NightmareWings on Thursday, 14 October, 2010 - 09:57
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4 Days is good ^_^ i wish you the bestest of luck to finish!

by Raye-chan on Sunday, 17 October, 2010 - 17:02
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I can't believe I didn't see this! The Poe Collector is so epic, lol

by magicalpantsu on Sunday, 12 June, 2011 - 03:35