Shigure (Own design kimono ) - Fruits Basket (manga)




Well since shigure is awkward and all his kimonos in the manga have a gadiating pattern or whatever I have chosen my own colour scheme. Other than that the kimono will be the same as Shigure's usually are, style wise.. with tabi socks.. fancy sandals... a couple of layers..a jacket thing
I've decided to have his hair as dark brown/black colour since it seems to change ALL the time D: black to grey to dark brown.. to grey black brown x_x
he does it to spite me.


cowiee posted on 18 July, 2011 - 00:59
omg! Shigure! This is incredible! <3

Xigalicious posted on 18 July, 2011 - 21:10
Thank yooou :3

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Progress Journal

16th October 2010


Okay this is taking way longer than it should simply because I keep putting parts off..
If I actually sit down and just sew it could be finished in a day XD
ahh fail

so next on the plan is to do the collar.. which requires ironing, also gotta finish the under robe thing.. hemming the sleeves the right lengths n shiz :P
Wig's done though! yay!! and I have my contacts.. so that cool..
I'm hoping to get the main kimono done this evening.. and cut out all the parts for the jacket too.. and the obi/belt which i don't know how long it should beeee.. should lookt hat up.
Pointless journal is pointless.. just basically saying I'm being lazy but hopefully I'll get these parts done.. maybe..