Ash Ketchum (Kanto Region) - Pokemon




Everyone loves Ash, everyone's seen Pokemon and this by far has got to be one of my favorite costumes, you can't walk two seconds in this cosplay without someone jumping you to take your picture which I love but sometimes it can get annoying, i love this cosplay because it's so lightweight, yes the pockets are real but incredibly small.

The jacket is made by my Grandma and the T-shirt and Jeans are from Primark, the hat comes from an ebay seller who I don't know the name of however a big Thank you to Rel for buying it for me, seriously I've not forgoten your kindness.


Solaria posted on 16 May, 2008 - 19:08
OH SWEET! Im doing Blue from the manga (see my profile if unsure) hope you're doing ash on Sunday ^^