Irina Spalko
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th October 2008: Nearly there... Just three tasks left - sewing on buttons, painting the belt, and painting the design on the back. I found a pair of flared gloves at TK Maxx, which aren't entirely accurate but spare me the fiddliness of making my own from scratch. I also bought the toy sword - unfortunately rather shorter and bulkier than I'd hoped, but it does have the advantage of making cool swordfight noises. If I get around to it I'll knock up a gun holster as well.

12th October 2008: Jumpsuit complete - almost A hard day's sewing, and a nearly-finished jumpsuit to show for it. All that remains is to sew on the buttons and paint on the back design. It's not as fitted as it should be, but I've already made several adjustments to bring it in and it'll just have to do.
I also recut the wig, as when I put it on it resembled a fetching pudding-bowl haircut. It's now somewhat too short, but it looks a lot closer to her style when put against my face.

Beyond this, the belt needs painting and I need to buy or make gloves, and I'm done!

11th October 2008: Progress! Started work on the jumpsuit today, and promptly sewed it together wrong >_< Still, it wouldn't be one of my costume if at least one seam didn't need to be taken apart and resewn. The pattern isn't exactly the same as the original - there's an extra seam in the back - but I wasn't prepared to make up my own pattern. I'm much more comfortable with premade patterns, particularly when they're Kwik-sew patterns, which are easily my favourite pattern company ^_^

After MUCH searching, I finally found pictures of the design on the back of her jumpsuit, which I remember seeing in the film but until now haven't been able to find any images of. I also get to choose whether or not to have her star badge, as she only wears it at some points. I do have a badge just like it, but it depends on whether I can find it or not!

I'm hoping to finish sewing up the jumpsuit tomorrow. I would have done more today, but as well as the mis-sewing, I also decided to overcast all my edges, which took quite a while. It was necessary, though, as the fabric I'm using (a kind of suiting) frays horribly.

After that it's just painting the belt, the back design, and making or buying the gloves to do.

9th October 2008: It begins! My jumpsuit pattern for this finally arrived after I battled for ages trying to find a pattern for the breeches of her other outfit and failed. I've already cut the wig and bought the belt, so it's just a matter of sewing up the jumpsuit and painting the belt black - and finding a picture of the symbol that I remember being on the back!

SherlockHulmes avatar

SherlockHulmes - 16th May 2008
Ho ho ho, methinks I shall have to bring out the Indy hat and get some makeup from Tak to join you in Indy 4 costuming :P

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 13th October 2008
Can't wait to see. I think you going to be fab as Irina.

I really should set up a proper photoshoot for my Indy and get it posted so you can see it.