Skyrone Kurosaki - Original Character





Basically a character I created a few years ago when in school. I decided to make him my first cosplay because we all know originality rocks XD Worn at the Cosplay Tea Party

Why did I choose to make it?:
Was my first cosplay and I thought an original character might be easier since I don't have to conform to any specific accuracy

What was the hardest part?:
The coat, definately. My mum made it for me and she said she's never doing anything like that again.

What was the easiesst part?:
Well everything else really XD The trosuers, shoes, vest, gloves, face paint and the pads on my arms were all bought from shops :P

What I learned:
I need my mum to do any sewing XD
Bring suncream since my upper arms got burned XD
Only bring one sword for next time since they both got stolen multiple times XD
Have my haircut beforehand so I won't get as hot in the wig
Cut glove fingers a bit higher to prevent them slowly disintegrating XD

What was it like when I wore it?:
Was...different. I'd never really worn a wig before, much less a vest and sleeveless coat XD The wig was hot, which resulted in the red line over my left eye smudging a bit, but it was still worth it for a different day out :P


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