Yoko (Ninja Warrior) - Gurren Lagann Parallel Works


Amecon 2010


As soon as I saw the Parallel Works I wanted to make this and it wasn't hard to convince Fyria and Sharpkun (Who did Princess Nia and Simon respectivly) to join in once they'd watched it.

I managed to get hold of the same material I'd used for Yoko's jacket for the time skip costume I did in 2008 and some lovely bright orange. The skirt was a simple box pleat, always takes a long time to Iron in the pleats though and the jacket was fun to do. The hair pins were 2 wooden chopsticks sanded down and painted with several layers of yellow acrylic paint then varnished with wood varnish. The star was attached via a hoop carefully screwed into the top of one of them. The white socks are ordinary knee length ones and I found some black lace up pumps as well.

The hardest parts were making sure that the orange hem needed for most of the costume needed to be ironed and pinned to the exact same length in all places. The other was getting the slide skirt part that attached to the top of the dress at both the right angle and the right length, then put the symbol on it in the right place too.

It was all worth it in the end though - even having to use 15 hair pins to keep the base wig in place for when the pony tail was added at the back. It ended up staying on so firmly it took ages for me to take it off. It was a lot of fun - especially having a mini group of us!

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