Prussia (Seven Years' War) - Axis Powers Hetalia


Amecon 2010




Prussia isn't my favourite Hetalia character but it is fun to dress up and be obnoxious sometimes. Mainly I like the 1760s trappings, especially the daft hat, and the wee bird. Technically I made this Girl!Prussia because I make a most unconvincing man, but the clothes are the same.
Annoyingly, there is now an official Nyotalia Prussia, and she's wearing just about the same stuff except with a skirt, so I'm going to have to update this. Aieee. At least I have a better hair option now.

Consists of: white cotton blouse with guipure lace collar/cuffs, which you can't really see, but is my standard unfrilly white blouse (not made specifically for this, it's for loli, but it turns up in several of my costumes). Embroidered linen waistcoat (beige with navy paisley pattern), which is also mostly unseen. Embroidered linen because I had some spare. As one does. I need better trews, these are some generic ones I did not make (comfy tho). Jacket is one of the few denim things I own (don't like jeans), dyed to more of an actual Prussian blue, with red contrast bits, guipure/Valenciennes lace trim, and metal buttons. Doesn't actually do up, just sort of floats there (yay cutaway frocks!) I wear it often general life, without the other trappings. Cravat was ganked from my SO's Austria cosplay, but has been used for everyday also 'cos I needed one. Sash-thing is just spare fabric from something else, interfaced to there and back, with metal buttons. Boots are my favourite Docs. Brooch/neck-pin-thing is an actual prosthetic glass eye (tho' they're not actually glass), which I have quite a collection of in various colours- this is my blue-grey one on white lace. Yes, I wear these. Prussia would go for gruesome tat like that I think. Gilbird is made of felt with a foam beak and bits drawn on with marker. All this is everyday sewing for me, but the hat was something a bit new, being my first attempt at blocking felt. I made it from strip felt, not a capeline (actually just some general wool I had on hand; not true felt, and not as easy to shape, but it worked regardless.) I blocked it on a polystyrene head as I don't currently have any blocks (got to make some), which is now a bit deformed from all the heat used in shaping. Still, the hat came out very well; only the crown was properly blocked, I just pulled the brim into shape here and there. It's stiffened with shellac and feels more like leather now. The trim is black and pink Schiffli lace and the rose hatpin was crocheted. I made a hair bow like something a gentleman of the period might wear (not that Prussia is any sort of gentleman, but I wasn't lopping all my hair off), white velvet with Valenciennes lace and black and white striped ribbon. Finally, gloves are Edwardian bridal white kid, so pretty damn vintage (although not 1760s.)

Also, I dyed my hair *very* blonde, with silver-grey dye on top, but unfortunately the latter didn't take well. (I had 2 blonde cosplays that weekend, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.) Hence platinumditzPrussia instead of scaryalbino. Wig in future. Red eyes were quite fun, although I have stupid miniature eyes and it takes three people to get the contacts in (I don't mind them being poked, just that they don't open wide enough to get the lenses on.)

Btw. I also had a stuffed fish dressed as Hungary. The fish is one we take to fun things. Its name is Muffti. And he's a boy fish, so is technically crossplaying. He's alarmingly photogenic.


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