Kuzumi Taiga (Summer Uniform) - Mx0




I will very likely convince some people SOMEDAY to read Mx0 and have them cosplay with me... I'm only picking Kuzumi for now if I hafta do it by myself... If it's in a group I'm likely to cosplay Mikuni, with Mitchon and Hiiragi... But y'know.

I absolutely adore this series (even with it's untimely demise DDDD:), so I definitely plan to cosplay it in the future (not sure why I haven't uploaded it until now... Laziness prevails once again.)

Edit 25/11/08:
Gyahahaha. I totally ran out of ideas for Minamicon, so I figured it's the perfect opportunity to wear Kuzumi! I figure I'll be lazy and do the Summer uniform version because I'm alreading going to struggle making a blazer for a certain Detective at Minami too, and I'm supposed to be saving myself money.
Hopefully this'll be finished before Christmas so I can concentrate on other projects. (...Like eventually finishing Tsukuyo asdfghjkl;)

Picked up some cotton stuff to do the striped on the shirt today and also got myself a Hiiragi! So now most of the effort will be put into making her skirt and top, despite 99% of my own costume being closeted ffffff. At least I won't be wandering around on my lonesome now, and we can get some kind of photo's from it~ ┬ŽD


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