Peter Pettigrew (School Leaver) - Harry Potter




I adore Pete so much, he's easily my favourite HP character <3
This was done for a casual Friday cosplay at MCM May 2010, and most of it was made up from borrowed parts, stuff from my wardrobe, and gifts from friends =)

We had so much fun decorating the shirts =3

Our group was made up of:
Me as Peter Pettigrew
Roguearcanis as Remus Lupin
RandomRPer as James Potter
thedevilwearswhite as Sirius Black
expatient as Severus Snape


Yasmia posted on 25 November, 2010 - 16:23
Pete Sucks Snape wins ILY Selph-a-roo But to comment on the actualy costume, I love that wig, it really suits you! <3